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If you've got any concrit or comments (or questions on why I've done something) let me know here! I'd like to improve my RP skills as much as possible so any help is appreciated! I apologise for slow tags, but I live on the other side of the world from most of you and have other commitments to tend to. You can be assured that I do my best not to drop threads, however!

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With vatheon moving to dreamwidth, I will be moving as well (using the same journal name)! Sorry, dear Anon who bought me paid time and icons ;;

This journal is now an archive of my LJ playing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on LJ, but it's time to move on.
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[TEXT] ♫ 2nd Vending Machine ♪

Since it's oh so nearly an important person's birthday, let's talk about death. What do you believe happens after you die, Vatheon? What do you think your afterlife will be like? It'd be rather anti-climatic if there was just nothing after our deaths, after all.
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[TEXT/Action] ♫ 1st Vending Machine ♪

While I'm sure this communicator's design made quite a splash in its time, it really doesn't fit in my pockets with the same ease as my cell phone. Surely someone in this city has figured out how to fit starfish technology into something with a more practical shape? It's bound to make waves if you release it to the public.

[Meanwhile, if you happen to be in the Plaza, Joshua has already managed to obtain a towel from one of the locals and is drying off. He seems to be taking the 'in a different world' thing pretty well. Nevertheless, he's still a new face and is more than willing to chat you up, despite the dripping hair.]

[ooc: Whoops, guess I lied about waiting until after exams to post. If you haven't already, please fill out Joshua's permissions post!]
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[OOC] Spoiler Permissions

With the renewed interest in TWEWY thanks to Neku's appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, it seems pretty likely that there will be people playing TWEWY for the first time! I will be trying to avoid spoilers in general, but if you would like me to put extra effort and explicitly avoid TWEWY spoilers for you, then let me know here!

If you comment here, you do not need to comment on Joshua's special permissions post; I will automatically assume I don't have permission due to the spoilery nature of his special permissions.
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[OOC] Special Permissions!

If you reply to this post, I'm gonna assume you're cool with TWEWY spoilers. If that isn't the case, please let me know over here, and I will automatically assume I don't have permission to do any of the things listed on this post due to the spoilery nature of Joshua's special permissions!

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